Personalised dementia care – because each person is unique

Did you know there are over 120 different conditions of brain change that fall under the name dementia? And those different conditions affect every person uniquely!

So, why would a one-size-fits-all approach work?

Person-centred care is essential for assisting those living with dementia to maintain a sense of self and purpose in life, particularly for those living in aged-care facilities. Personalised dementia care is central to everything we do at Dementia Detailing. We create tailored care pathways that promote positive experiences for those living with dementia, their families and healthcare providers.

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Helping families navigate dementia care

At Dementia Detailing, we provide an alternative to the traditional approach to dementia care in Australia. We take a person-centred approach by offering a tailored solution that suits the individual, their family and their circumstances.

When working with families, we learn as much as we can about the person living with dementia: Who are they? What are their interests? What makes them feel safe, comfortable and at ease?

These questions are vital to helping us understand how we can best support them, whether that be through modifying their environment to reflect who they are or by creating opportunities for meaningful engagement.

We design our services for families to assist those navigating through a loved one’s dementia diagnosis by providing clarity, empowering them with information and improving the quality of life for those living with dementia.

Dementia Detailing supports carers and families in implementing any aspect of the tailored care plan – as much or as little as you choose.

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Helping healthcare providers improve dementia care

We believe that long-term, sustainable solutions for improving the lives of those living with dementia are based on meeting the unique challenges of individuals, their carers and aged-care providers. That’s why our focus on personalised dementia care works for aged-care providers, too.

Our services are not generic. They are informed by your organisation’s specific priorities and needs. All our training, mentoring and strategic solutions are evidence-based, broadly informed and focused on empowering staff to translate their knowledge into specific skills applicable to their workplace duties.

We can assist your facility through specific dementia training for healthcare professionals, a review and analysis of your current operations, a focused review of all direct care services and more. We use this information to address any gaps in terms of knowledge, skills, service delivery and resource allocation, so that your organisation can provide the best quality care to those living with dementia.

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Whether you are a dementia care professional or a family member of a loved one living with dementia, we can help you gain clarity and experience peace of mind. Contact us to start the conversation.

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