Tailored, Full-Scale Mentoring

Dementia Detailing can assist your facility through specific dementia mentoring for healthcare professionals. By empowering staff with skills, knowledge and a positive outlook, we promote the highest quality care.

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The Dementia Detailing difference

Dementia Detailing draws on contemporary dementia care approaches to assist and empower health care professionals and staff to improve the quality of care for those living with cognitive decline (dementia).

Our mentoring program empowers healthcare professionals through one-on-one sessions that not only improve their skills and knowledge, but also increase their confidence, job satisfaction and capabilities.

All of Dementia Detailing’s training programs align with the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality Standards 2019 and Aged Care Diversity Framework.

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Better outcomes

“The trainers were highly experienced and helped our staff to develop a better understanding of dementia and learn practical tips that helped with building connections and supporting healthy behaviours.” ~ Julie, Aged Care Lifestyle Manager.

By equipping staff with pre-emptive strategies to avoid the development of behaviours of concern and providing them with a broader range of tools to prevent incidents, we reduce serious incident reporting and improve the quality of care.

Staff who feel empowered, confident and satisfied in their workplace are less likely to resign, burn out or be involved in a serious incident at work. Not only does this benefit your staff – it benefits your organisation.

Retaining skilled staff is vital: it improves efficiencies; saves money, time and resources; and positions your organisation as a workplace of choice for other skilled health care professionals.

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The Positive Approach to Care®

Central to our work to up-skill and improve confidence of teams within the aged care sector is the work of Teepa Snow.

Teepa Snow is a world leader in dementia education and care approaches, whose education principles are delivered via her Positive Approach to Care® (PAC).

Our accredited PAC practitioners can build the confidence and skills of carers and health care professionals by empowering them to not only identify the needs of those residents living with dementia, but also find dignified solutions for the challenges of care.

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Dementia Detailing services

We tailor all of our mentoring to the individual and the organisation’s specific priorities and needs.

All our mentoring is evidence based, broadly informed and focused on empowering staff to translate their knowledge into specific skills applicable to their workplace duties.

We tailor our mentoring to assist health care professionals meet the needs and retained abilities of people who are ageing, with or without dementia.

Partner with Dementia Detailing for specialised mentoring

Contact us today to find out how tailored dementia mentoring for healthcare professionals can improve the quality of life for everyone affected by the dementia effect.

How we’ve helped others

How we facilitated structural change at an SA aged care facility

“I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Dementia Detailing for any organisation or individual involved in caring for people living with dementia. Thean is enquiring, interested and full of life. Her approach is infectious.”

Specialised dementia care improves aged care service

“With the training, our staff were educated to be much more intuitive, responsive and understanding of a resident’s needs, while better understanding how to communicate with a person living with dementia.”

Thoughtful dementia care for a loved one in their new life stage

“Dementia is such an individual experience. Having Thean support us gave us confidence that Dad was receiving the best care and attention. I can’t speak more highly of her.”

Improved life quality for all affected by dementia is possible. Get in touch with Thean.

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