Dementia Strategies for Health Care Providers

Our strategies for healthcare providers promote positive change in aged care. We empower health care professionals through mentoring and training, and we support organisations through our strategic planning services.

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Staff Training

Dementia Detailing can assist your facility through specific dementia training for healthcare professionals, which optimises care, supports residents’ wellbeing, improves staff job satisfaction and promotes real connection between residents and staff.

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Tailored Mentoring

Dementia Detailing can assist you through specific mentoring for all service category personnel, family and loved ones.

By empowering staff with skills and knowledge, we promote the highest quality care.

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Strategic Solutions

Many Australian aged care facilities are not equipped to deliver the appropriate level and/or type of care.

Dementia Detailing assists aged care facilities in the design and implementation of strategic dementia care solutions that are tailored to the facility, its staff and its residents.

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Navigating this new life course can be difficult without the right tools, so at Dementia Detailing we work to equip those caring for people living with dementia with knowledge, confidence and clarity.

Our niche expertise and patient-centric approach allow us to find a pathway that will improve the lives of those living with dementia and their carers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

How we’ve helped others

How we facilitated structural change at an SA aged care facility

“I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Dementia Detailing for any organisation or individual involved in caring for people living with dementia. Thean is enquiring, interested and full of life. Her approach is infectious.”

Specialised dementia care improves aged care service

“With the training, our staff were educated to be much more intuitive, responsive and understanding of a resident’s needs, while better understanding how to communicate with a person living with dementia.”

Thoughtful dementia care for a loved one in their new life stage

“Dementia is such an individual experience. Having Thean support us gave us confidence that Dad was receiving the best care and attention. I can’t speak more highly of her.”

Improved life quality for all affected by dementia is possible. Get in touch with Thean.

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