Strategic Dementia Solutions

Over two thirds of Australia’s aged care residents experience moderate to severe cognitive decline, yet many aged care facilities are not equipped to deliver the appropriate level and/or type of care. Dementia Detailing assists aged care facilities in the design and implementation of strategic dementia care solutions that are tailored to the facility, its staff and its residents.

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Addressing the core issues

From worker retention to efficiency and competency issues, aged care managers face a number of challenges in delivering high quality aged care services.

We work with aged care providers to address these core issues by finding a strategic solution that is tailored to their organisation.

From upskilling, support and follow-up services for staff at every level, to establishing clear workplace expectations, empowering aged care workers is integral to all our services.

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Review and analysis

Central to our strategic solutions is our review and analysis of the client’s current operations. Dementia Detailing evaluates residency systems, services and processes to find any risks and/or opportunities for our clients.

We provide a focused review of all direct care services – from admission through to long-term care – and related procedures, as well as the results of our baseline dementia knowledge survey, which we administer to all residency staff and management.
We use this information to address any gaps in terms of knowledge, skills, service delivery and resource allocation.

By working closely with aged care providers, we are able to provide a standardised approach to all work duties, for staff and service providers alike, with a shared language, knowledge base and skill set.

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Strategy formulation and implementation

At Dementia Detailing, we formulate and implement strategies that not only improve the consumer experience, but reduce serious incidents and other compliance issues.

Based on the positive framework model that focuses on the retained abilities of those living with dementia, we develop efficient, sustainable and positive foundational skills for staff to approach and connect well with residents while undertaking their work duties, across the 24-hour cycle.

We work closely with aged care providers throughout, from strategy formulation and implementation to review and maintenance, to ensure a holistic, positive and efficient approach to care.

“I’d like to see every memory support unit working with Dementia Detailing to find answers that are tailored to their organisation, staff and residents.” ~ Matt, Aged Care Manager.

Partner with Dementia Detailing for strategic solutions

Contact us today to find out how our strategic solutions can help your organisation navigate structural changes that best support those living with dementia and their carers.

How we’ve helped others

How we facilitated structural change at an SA aged care facility

“I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Dementia Detailing for any organisation or individual involved in caring for people living with dementia. Thean is enquiring, interested and full of life. Her approach is infectious.”

Specialised dementia care improves aged care service

“With the training, our staff were educated to be much more intuitive, responsive and understanding of a resident’s needs, while better understanding how to communicate with a person living with dementia.”

Thoughtful dementia care for a loved one in their new life stage

“Dementia is such an individual experience. Having Thean support us gave us confidence that Dad was receiving the best care and attention. I can’t speak more highly of her.”

Improved life quality for all affected by dementia is possible. Get in touch with Thean.

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