About Us - How We're Making a Difference

Dementia Detailing was born out of the deep desire of our Founder, Thean Vlahakis, to raise intergenerational community awareness, understanding and respect for those living with dementia and who are ageing.

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The Dementia Detailing difference

As a Dementia Care Consultant, Thean uses her extensive skills and experience in the aged care sector to provide positive and personalised approaches to dementia care. Dementia Detailing challenges traditional approaches to dementia care by using a patient-centric, individualistic strategy.

Thean’s niche expertise in dementia care and her passion for improving care services allow her to create empathic, evidence-based solutions that improve the lives of both those living with dementia and those responsible for their care.

Dementia Detailing’s strategic, hands-on approach allows Thean to create tailored care pathways that promote the individual, the circumstances and their specific needs.

At Dementia Detailing, we are committed to improving the quality of life for those living with dementia, their families and those responsible for their care.

“The feedback for Dementia Detailing’s program that we received from our staff was exceptional.” ~ Julie, Aged Care Lifestyle Manager.

Thean Vlahakis, Founder

Thean forges new ground in her approach to dementia care, focusing on improving the quality of life for dementia patients and promoting positive change in the way we care for those living with dementia in Australia.

As a practising pharmacist who specialises in geriatric care, Thean has a deep understanding of the personalised approach needed to support the health needs of the elderly in our community.

She is a strong advocate for minimising medication use in those living with dementia through alternative approaches to care, such as the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care (PAC).

Thean’s industry experience has included working with the Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS) at Dementia Australia, where she was involved in the medication reviews of people living with dementia.

Her in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing the aged care sector allows her to tailor solutions that improve compliance, efficiency and quality of care.

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Services and solutions

Dementia Detailing’s services for families assist those navigating through a loved one’s dementia diagnosis by providing clarity, empowering them with information and improving the quality of life for those living with dementia.

We challenge the traditional approach to dementia care in Australia by offering a tailored solution that suits the individual, their family and their circumstances.

Our services for health care providers promote positive change in aged care by helping to forge authentic connections between people living with dementia and those responsible for their care.

We empower health care professionals through mentoring and training, and we support organisations through our strategic planning services.

Partner with the dementia strategy experts

Whether you are a dementia care professional or a family member of a loved one living with dementia, we can help you gain clarity and experience peace of mind. Contact us to start the conversation.

How we’ve helped others

How we facilitated structural change at an SA aged care facility

“I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Dementia Detailing for any organisation or individual involved in caring for people living with dementia. Thean is enquiring, interested and full of life. Her approach is infectious.”

Specialised dementia care improves aged care service

“With the training, our staff were educated to be much more intuitive, responsive and understanding of a resident’s needs, while better understanding how to communicate with a person living with dementia.”

Thoughtful dementia care for a loved one in their new life stage

“Dementia is such an individual experience. Having Thean support us gave us confidence that Dad was receiving the best care and attention. I can’t speak more highly of her.”

Improved life quality for all affected by dementia is possible. Get in touch with Thean.

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