Helping Families Navigate Dementia Care

It can be overwhelming, confusing and stressful trying to navigate dementia care plans for a loved one. We often hear families ask the same things: Should their loved one stay home or transition to aged care? What are their options?

Here at Demential Detailing, we can help you make the many decisions you’ll need to make, and support you throughout your dementia care journey.

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Carer training
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Real reassurance

“Having Thean support us gave us confidence that Dad was receiving the best care and attention. I can’t speak more highly of her.” ~ Tina, client.

Negotiating a dementia care plan for a loved one can be accompanied by a high level of worry and confusion. Often, there is disagreement amongst the family members as to the best path forward.

Dementia Care Consultant Thean is an expert at helping families through this difficult time, utilising her mediating skills to identify points of concern for all those involved and find common ground.

Dementia Detailing is able to uncomplicate the process for our clients and provide them with clarity about the best path forward.

Family Consultation

During our initial consultation we discuss the issues you are facing in navigating aged care for your loved one. This information gathering session allows us to hear the concerns of all those involved and their hopes for aged care, while maintaining a focus on the individual and their needs.

Following this consultation, we will provide an email follow-up that summarises our recommendations and provides information on further services, if required.

Patient Discovery

During the discovery stage, we learn as much as we can about the person living with dementia: Who are they? What are their interests? What makes them feel safe, comfortable and at ease?

These questions are vital to help us understand how we can best support them, whether that be through modifying their environment to reflect who they are or by creating opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Tailored support plan

Our tailored dementia support plans are specific to the individual and provide recommendations for continuing services and/or the direction for their care.

Our care plans are detailed road maps that cover the what, how and why of each aspect of care. Presented in a robust document that can be shared with all those involved, including health care workers and GPs, we ensure that everyone involved is working towards common goals to create positive experiences for the person living with dementia.

Implementation support

Dementia Detailing supports you in implementing any aspect of the tailored care plan – as much or as little as you choose. We can transform the personal space of your loved one to make it feel more familiar, provide opportunities for more meaningful engagement, assist in tailored interventions for more acute issues, or provide medication reviews.

Our team will liaise with the relevant aged care provider to inform them of our service and arrange the logistics behind implementation, as well as the coordination of suppliers and deliveries.

And you can rest easy knowing we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Carer training and mentoring

Dementia Detailing can also assist families and carers with specific dementia training and mentoring to ensure you know how to best care for your loved one and support their wellbeing.

Training and mentoring also build your confidence in the day-to-day responsibilities involved with looking after your loved one and promote sustained connection between caregivers and those living with dementia.

Follow-up and refine

The experiences of someone living with dementia change and evolve over time, so it is important that their support plan reflects their current situation.

Once our initial support plans have been implemented, we conduct follow-up support visits to make sure all the changes we made are still working for the person and their family.

Additional follow-up visits may be required according to the complexity of the person’s needs. (We will discuss this with you during the discovery phase.)

Review consultations allow us to continue supporting families in meetings with aged care providers, whether this be in finding solutions to any acute issues their loved one may be experiencing, or by ensuring they are aware of all their options.

Our ‘no surprises’ policy

Clear and consistent communication is a core component of our service approach.

As well as communicating with you, our clients, we liaise with key aged care service providers, staff and the GP allocated to the continuing care of the resident to make sure we can support the care objectives in the best interest of the person in care.

How we’ve helped others

How we facilitated structural change at an SA aged care facility

“I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Dementia Detailing for any organisation or individual involved in caring for people living with dementia. Thean is enquiring, interested and full of life. Her approach is infectious.”

Specialised dementia care improves aged care service

“With the training, our staff were educated to be much more intuitive, responsive and understanding of a resident’s needs, while better understanding how to communicate with a person living with dementia.”

Thoughtful dementia care for a loved one in their new life stage

“Dementia is such an individual experience. Having Thean support us gave us confidence that Dad was receiving the best care and attention. I can’t speak more highly of her.”

Improved life quality for all affected by dementia is possible. Get in touch with Thean.

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