Dementia help and support

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Families living with a dementia diagnosis require personalised and tailored care to improve outcomes for their loved ones.

Finding dementia help and support can seem overwhelming when families are already struggling to navigate a new version of ‘everyday life’.

At Dementia Detailing, we bring you a truly personalised service to meet your specific needs, with an emphasis on ‘being human’, evidence-based information, and a focus on what makes your loved one unique.

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Dementia and relationships

Relationships are at the heart of our humanity and are what underpins our work at Dementia Detailing.

We all define ourselves by our relationships with others and things, such as:

  • Our relationships with food
  • Our relationships with time
  • Our relationships with money
  • Our relationships with our environment
  • Our relationships with people.

At Dementia Detailing, we acknowledge our everyday living experience is interconnected with the cumulative relationships that surround us at any given moment.

Dementia is a group of conditions that affect brain function, and this, in turn, affects the capacity to perceive and maintain relationships.

For the person living with dementia, the ability to maintain relationships with others and the world around them is in continuous decline.

This can be very confronting for the person living with dementia, as well as their family and carers.

As dementia affects each person uniquely, a personalised approach to care is essential for maintaining quality of life.

Dementia Detailing provides holistic, person-centric services that provide clarity, choice and positive solutions to families struggling with the many changes they face when caring for a loved one living with dementia.

Ageing parents and dementia

One in every 12 Australians aged over 65 years has dementia, and there are many families navigating the care requirements of ageing parents living with dementia.

It can be difficult for families to know when it is the right time to change their parents’ living arrangements, and this problem usually arises due to safety issues or after a parent has suffered a stroke or cardiac arrest.

Making changes to where and how an ageing person with dementia is living is a difficult and complex obstacle, and it may be necessary to consider other health conditions outside of dementia.

At Dementia Detailing, we support families to access the services they need to make the right decision at this difficult time.

Our family services support helps you to answer questions about whether or not downsizing or transitioning to aged care is the best option for your family – taking into account cultural contexts and personalised preferences.

Our service works with you to minimise the burden of a loved one’s dementia diagnosis.

Family Services and our support plans

Our suite of Family Services empowers families with clarity and choice to optimise the positive living experiences of their loved one living with dementia, at home or in an aged care facility.

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They include:

  • Family consultations
    We listen to your concerns, refine what your present-day priorities are and learn your hopes for moving forward with your loved one living with dementia.
  • Patient discovery
    Learning about the person living with dementia. What is important to them? What makes them feel safe and comfortable? How do they relate to the world around them?
  • Tailored support plan
    Specific to the individual and providing recommendations for the direction of their care.
  • Implementation support
    Supporting you to implement any aspect of the tailored care plan, aged care provider care plan and Dementia Support Australia (DSA) reports.
  • Carer training and mentoring
    Training and mentoring to ensure you are best equipped to care for, engage and maintain a positive relationship with your loved one living with dementia throughout their journey.

Supporting the well-being of the carer is just as important to us as that of the person living with dementia.

  • Follow up
    The experiences of those living with dementia change, and so too do their best care options. We don’t leave you to face these changes alone.

At Dementia Detailing, we want families of those living with dementia to feel comforted by the fact that they are not alone.

Putting together a dementia care plan for a loved one can be confronting, and often there are disagreements within the family about the right course of action.

The team members at Dementia Detailing are experts in helping families make the right choices, utilise mediation skills and identify points of concern to find a common ground.

We work to ‘uncomplicate’ the process for you and your family and find the best way forward.

Your dementia plan starts here

If you would like more information about how we can help your family, your loved one or the aged care facility you are involved with to better care for people living with dementia, contact us today.

Achieving a strategic dementia plan that makes you feel confident and comfortable about the level of care provided to a person living with dementia is our specialty, and we will walk with you through every step of this process.

For ongoing and personalised support for families of people living with dementia, call us today.

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