Dementia support for family members

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At Dementia Detailing, it is our mission to create positive experiences for those living with dementia, their families and their support networks.

Dignity and respect for the person living with dementia is at the forefront of everything we do, but supporting those who love and care for the person is also of the utmost importance.

It is necessary for families and carers to be able to access the support they need to maintain the care they provide for their loved one.

At Dementia Detailing, we work to equip those caring for people living with dementia with knowledge, confidence and clarity, so they can continue the caring relationship with empathy and connectedness.

But how can health care providers help to provide support to family members of people living with dementia?

Upholding the care standards for the families of people living with dementia is a key ingredient in improving the quality of life of your consumers.

Our team can also assist health care providers with specific dementia training and mentoring to empower professionals and ensure families and carers are supported.

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Supporting carers of people living with dementia

It is vital that carers take care of themselves, and health care professionals need to encourage carers to seek support in any way possible.

This may even be as simple as seeking help from friends and neighbours with day-to-day tasks like meal preparation and cleaning.

People living with dementia experience stress and confusion due to the many changes a dementia diagnosis brings into their lives.

The support network of people with dementia also grapples to deal with these changes and the differences noted in the person living with dementia themselves.

It is important for all carers to seek outside help from people who have experience helping people who are caring for others.

This may include social workers, doctors, psychologists and counsellors.

This help should be delivered in an engaging and uplifting manner in an individualised and person-centred way.

Dementia Detailing can assist organisations through staff training, tailored mentoring and strategic solutions to work with families and support networks to ensure the best quality of life for the person living with dementia.

Understanding carer fatigue and burnout

It takes strength and courage to care for a person living with dementia, and families will require the support of professionals to ensure they are managing their own stress during the journey.

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Family members and carers can quickly enter the realm of exhaustion and become overwhelmed, and it is often at this difficult stage that their connection with healthcare providers begins.

Signs of carer fatigue to look out for in support networks include:

  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Overreacting to minor nuisances
  • Neglect of own needs
  • New or worsening health conditions
  • Depression.

For families and support networks, watching a person living with dementia change is difficult to understand and accept.

For the person themselves, their acceptance of the changes in their lives may also trigger a response to change that is unexpected by those who knew them before their dementia diagnosis.

While health care professionals have a deeper understanding of these changes, helping families and support networks to work through this time can greatly improve the outcomes for the person living with dementia.

Dementia Detailing can assist your facility with research-informed and specific dementia training for healthcare professionals, which:

  • Optimises care
  • Supports residents’ wellbeing
  • Improves staff job satisfaction
  • Promotes real connection between residents and staff.

This staff training can extend to encompass the tools required to best communicate with and forge connections with the family members of people living with dementia.

At Dementia Detailing, we work with healthcare providers to develop strategic solutions that are tailored to their organisation.

This may include upskilling staff at every level and empowering aged care workers to provide holistic consumer care and mentoring to assist health care professionals meet the needs and retained abilities of people who are ageing, with or without dementia.

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Helping families deal with a dementia diagnosis

The dementia diagnosis of a family member may be the catalyst for a family’s first connection with a specialist healthcare provider.

As healthcare professionals, this means you are making an initial connection with this support network at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives.

So how do you manage this relationship in a way that fosters trust and reduces stress?

At Dementia Detailing, we can help.

Dementia Detailing draws on contemporary dementia care approaches to assist and empower health care professionals and staff to improve the quality of care for those living with cognitive decline – and support their families and carers in the process.

Our mentoring program empowers healthcare professionals through one-on-one sessions that not only improve their skills and knowledge but also increase their confidence, job satisfaction and capabilities.

As a health care provider, you can partner with Dementia Detailing to find out how tailored dementia mentoring for healthcare professionals can improve the quality of life for everyone affected by the dementia effect.

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Holistic, person-centred care

At Dementia Detailing, our care is person-centred and individualised and this encapsulates care for:

  • the person living with dementia themselves
  • their support network and family
  • the health care providers involved in ensuring their wellbeing.

We understand that, just as each and every person living with dementia is different, so is each and every health care provider.

Our tailored, full-scale mentoring is designed to promote the highest quality care, empower staff and improve workplaces to uphold safety standards, reduce staff turnover and save money, time and resources.

We tailor all of our mentoring to the individual and the organisation’s specific priorities and needs.

Find out more about how working with us can improve your organisational outcomes, the lives of your consumers and their families and support networks.

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